Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Repeal Day

Today marks the Anniversary of the ratification of the 21st amendment to the US Constitution, the effective repeal of the 18th Amendment, and the end of prohibition. The effects of prohibition can not be understated. It not only crippled large swaths of industry from farmers to brewers, but resulted in serious changes throughout American culture. Notable disastrous effects can still be felt today, from the popularity and power of soft drink manufacturers, to the rise and funding of organized crime, to the advent and growth of NASCAR. The nation is forever scarred. It produced a few good things however, namely the growth of Jazz and the popularity of the cocktail. Now, after more than 70 years since repeal, we are finally seeing a new renaissance in wines, beers, and spirits, with the market full of grower wines, craft brews, and small batch whiskeys. Americans are finally viewing alcohol, not as a drug, but as a fine product of American agriculture, part of the meal, an art.

The Bo Brothers wish you and your family a Happy and Healthy Repeal Day. Remember to drink responsibly, but remember you’re free to drink.

QOTD: What drink will you be enjoying this Repeal Day?

Our repeal day selections:
Dinner: Pillar Box White paired with --- Pasta in lavender, caper, and ricotta
Digestif: Maison Surrenne (small batch Petite Champagne) Cognac


jessi2084 said...

Well, even though I am not in the States to truly enjoy the holiday, I was there in "spirit"... I drank some cheap Hungarian dry red wine, szaraz minosegi vorosbor. I thought I'd be a connoisseur by now, but because cheap wines are so good here, I just stick with those! Happy Repeal

Scott said...

I celebrated with a bottle of Super T. Happy repeal day.