Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cooking Coarse VBLOG: Perfect Instruction in Fundamental Cooking Techniques

While considering a format for the up coming video portion of this blog, I spend quite a bit of time checking out the competition. I have sifted through hundreds of home made cooking shows, a vast majority of which emulate the Food TV likes of Rachael Ray and Paula Dean. Honest efforts in sharing their food knowledge, but mostly as uninformative as they are uninteresting. Finally I stumbled on a show that is entertaining, educational, and fun to watch. Now I no longer need to worry about going over basics cooking on my blog, I will just send you to a real chef.

In Cooking Coarse Chef Todd Mohr preaches the gospel of self reliance in the kitchen by matching the French technical grounding of Jacques Pepin and the food nerd fact finding of Alton Brown, with the high energy kick of Gary Vaynerchuk. The Chef tells us to burn our recipes and cook like a painter paints, aiming for the result we envision and not focusing on the individual steps. He gives us excellent tools for the job, from selecting the right knives, to making classic French sauces. These 5 to 10 minute clips are perfect for beginners, but even a seasoned cook will learn a new way to sharpen their skills in each episode. Chef Mohr, who runs a small cooking school and catering company outside of Raleigh, NC plays both host and camera man with posts nearly every day, even grilling fish while on vacation in the outer banks. The chef makes it clear that big studios, test kitchens, and PR crews are no match quality content. He may not sell Ritz Crackers like Ray Ray, but you will actually be able to feed yourself from what you learn on this show.

With the market the way it is, it may be time to roll your portfolio into an investment in roasted peppers. Chef Todd Mohr shows you how.

I have already added the web site to my video blog list to the left, now making the Bo Brothers THE one stop shop for the most useful, informative, and complete food and wine video link collection on the entire Internet. Watch, learn, cook and show your support. Bloggers survive on comments!

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